Words for you all from my heart! For being my foundation guru & lighting that warm light of knowledge for learning Yoga the right way!

I admired Shani much before I onboarded as her student! Her Instagram videos which popped on my feeds were always so impressive & that calm assuring smile she has in those videos, I realised she is just the same throughout the class moving us through the most difficult asanas with ease, assurance, calmness & yet that teacher who ensures her each and every student in class get their basic poses the right way.

When I planned to join the online class, I was a bit hesitant wondering how can Yoga be learnt on an online medium with no physical coach around. Shani has definitely broken this block in my mind. She is like the guiding North Star who has guided me effortlessly through the virtual medium to practice the correct way!! Earlier I used to believe that Yoga is all about jumping into those cool poses but with Shani, I learnt that Yoga is much more & a personal growth through each class! My outlook for the classes changed and I enrolled for further months after attending the 7 Chakras classes!

Yoga was therapeutic with my PMS issues resolving much to my surprise & faster recovery of muscles post strength training! I must add that there is so much I’ve learnt and realised there is somuch more to!

And with a coach who got me from a beginner to intermediate in almost 4 months via a virtual medium makes me feel quite fortunate to learn under her! I can write on and on! Thanks Shani for getting me through asanas which I believed were impossible to attain! For guiding during the class and also after the class via chats! Talking to you has always brought in more knowledge! I have found a coach for life!️