My name is Divya . Before joining Shani yoga , I went to Gym and I was working out on my own . Then I decided one day to try yoga . I came across Shani page,  I still  remember my first evening trail class . I was completely confused ,I was confused with left and right . I explained my insecurities to Shani , Then she siad that this happens with everyone. So, I joined on March 14th 2022! I can’t believe , that I travelled so long . It’s all because of Shani , I could  come this far.. 

 Her classes are very unique . Each and every class is different. The way she instructs each and every student it’s just awesome. Very calm, pleasant voice , even the 

toughest days will be easy after doing yoga. After taking Shani yoga classes, Looking fitter external is obvious but getting stronger emotionally and mentally is all that

really matters . I can proudly say, that with Shani yoga I am more stronger emotionally and fitter physically. She has so much in bag that ,she designs each and every class to make us better than yesterday .