I am Tanvi, and I am a researcher. I discovered Shani’s classes on Instagram. My workout routine was pretty basic (some cardio, 10-minute quick workout, going on hikes, and sun-salutations) before joining the classes. I tried learning yoga before, but I wasn’t consistent with my practice. My struggle with flexibility and strength persisted . But, I wasn’t doubtful about the classes, and it felt great right from the beginning. 

The classes have helped me a lot. I feel more flexible, I can hold certain poses for a lot longer than when I initially started, and I feel energized. If I don’t take your class for more than three days, something feels amiss. It’s been 6 months, and I am hoping to continue taking Shani’s classes. 

I love how her class feels holistic. It starts from a simple mindful practice and ends with mindfulness and offers a unique challenge in every class. Despite the virtual classes, I love how much attention to detail she puts in every class and overlook each asana and correct it when necessary, including something as basic as how the placement of toes should be. 

I have recommended Shani’s classes to a couple of people, and they seem to have loved it as well.