I am currently working as a Research Analyst in California. I met Shani on Instagram as she maintains a great page which is very informational, and her videos are super helpful. Before Shani’s yoga classes,for many years, I did not consider yoga as a routine for myself. I enjoyed gym with my motivational playlist on my headset. However, in the last 2 years, I have become inclined towards understating my inner self: beyond my body and mind. I knew Yoga (which means union) is the answer and the right path for me to take.  

I was looking for a teacher for my yoga journey – someone who can share her experience and learnings. After attending Shani’s a few initial classes – I knew that she could help me. I think all my beliefs about yoga are changing with each yoga class I have with Shani. She explains everything – meaning of yoga, how to approach a pose, which part gets affected with each pose, benefits of a pose and much more.

Shani and her yoga classes have definitely impacted my life in a big and positive way – after every class I am full of energy yet calm from inside. I have become aware of my body, breathing and my mind – it is now easy to observe my mind as a third person (which Shani taught me). This is something I plan to continue to practice throughout my life as now I am able to get more out of my days. Also, before these yoga classes, I experienced bad stomach aches during my periods and used to be on medicines but now I am pain-free and stopped my medicines (which is a great deal for me).

She mindfully designs each class – the class starts with a short meditation practice and ends with Gayatri mantra (it can’t get better than this); each class is dedicated to a theme – like hatha yoga, flexibility, upper body focus, etc. and her attentiveness towards each student – she never miss out on correcting me – which is the very important for me as a student! To sum up – I feel super lucky to have her as my yoga teacher!